This unit provides participants with the skills to safely and effective apply sports tape to thumb, fingers and ankles. It is designed for those working with athletes and want to assist these athlete with basic taping, injury prevention and post injury support.

Please contact our office if you wish to complete this unit

  • contraindications of taping
  • prevention of injury to athletes
  • management of existing injuries
  • pre-taping requirements
  • sports tape selection
  • selecting associated products such as sprays, cushioning foams tape removers
  • taping techniques
  • taping of thumbs
  • taping of fingers
  • taping of ankles
  • ergonomics for the practitioner  
  • and much, much more!

Generally designed for those involved in amateur sports where athletes may benefit from basic taping for injury prevention.

Only basic numeracy and literacy skills are needed to attend this course. Some basic anatomy and physiology is an advantage when completing this course.

Practising of taping to ankles, thumbs and fingers will be done during the course. It is generally expected that participants will allow others to tape them - areas that will be taped include thumb, fingers and ankles. It is suggested that lower legs / ankles are shaved prior to attending this course in preparation to having tape applied.

If you have ANY special needs ( eg, language / literacy / numeracy difficulties, physical disabilities etc ) that you think may impact on your ability to complete this training please let us know prior to enrolling. 

It is recommended that this unit be refreshed every 12 months

SISSSPT304A Tape ankle, thumb and fingers

Face to face training is approx. 4 hours

No pre-course work is required

There is some theory and practical assessment to ensure that the participant has gained the required knowledge and confidence in the skills covered in the unit.  A high level of competence is expected in all aspects of this unit in order to successfully complete the unit