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Let me take this opportunity to let you know how I enjoyed your course, it is very professional & well structured.  Jason the presenter was excellent.

I loved the way Jason started on time at the beginning of the day and in breaks, not wasting time waiting for inconsiderate people running late, that was very much appreciated.

Also there was no fluffing around, just presenting the facts, and moving on to the next thing, always keeping your attention & interest.

For the past 20 years I have had to have a current first aid certificate & have always renewed with St Johns, this year I decided to give your company a go.  I found your company to be much more professional in presentation, content & structure.  I thoroughly enjoyed your course.

Thank you.

Warm regards


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Vital First Aid is a dynamic Registered Training Organisation specialising in providing accredited practical training in all facets of first aid and pre-hospital care.

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We are running very limited number of courses at our Gosford and Cardiff (Charlestown) venues , all other venues are currently closed.

We are taking all required steps to ensure everyone’s safety including ensuring 4sqm per person, removing tables, no breathes required when doing CPR, ample cleansing wipes, refusal of attendance for any participants presenting with flu or cold symptoms or those that should be self isolating. 

Our standing request for unwell students : If you are unwell with any type of “cold or flu” we will NOT ALLOW YOU TO ENTER THE COURSE. Covid 19 update

Travelling to a course is permitted in NSW under the new guidelines (educational reasons)